Our philiosophy

Nature at the service of beauty...

Inspired by the essence of the Mediterranean flora, our products draw on the natural plant extracts directly from the bio-diversity of the vineyard Cru Classé de Château Roubine.

Experts in Ampelography (science of the vine) for more than 20 years, we wished to deepen our research to understand the biological processes of man, like botany, and to respond using simply the nature.

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« Douce Provence »

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  • The flower of the vine is an ephemeral flower that reveals the forming of the grape.  The flower, delicately perfumed, and the extract offers a treasure of benefits and brings to the epidermis balance and comfort.
  • The polyphenols are molecules that develop in plants from sugars. In the grape, they are found in the skin, seeds and grape stems, it is with these that the tannin is formed and gives the color to the wines.
    Polyphenols have natural antioxidant properties. They help to reinforce against the visible signs of aging skin with a global action, reinvigorating and toning the skin, becoming firmer.
  • Vine shoots are the young shoots that have grown throughout the year, they grow from the root of the vine and carry the harvest. When crushed, their powder is a true anti-aging revolution intensifying the firmness and youth of your skin.
  • The vine peach kernel restores radiance and flexibility to all skin types, thanks to its softening and moisturizing properties.
  • The Provence has many herbal plants (Rosemary, Thyme, Savory, Lavender, Wild Thyme). These aromatic plants that cover the Provencal landscape, offer many virtues, properties which are soothing, detoxifying and moisturizing.
  • Honey is a delicious sweet substance produce by Honey bees, collecting the nectar from the flowers.  Literature symbol for sweetness and charm, honey has been for centuries an asset for skin beauty.
    ​Rich in vitamins A, B, C and in mineral salts, it has many properties: soothing, moisturizing and revitalizing, bringing a healthy glow to the skin, deeply hydrating and providing nourishment to the skin.
  • The symbol of the Olive Tree is revered throughout Provence.  It brings a multitude of benefits to the skin, notably buds and Oil.  It helps regulate the hydration and suppleness of the skin also offering cleansing properties.