• Mist of Dreams, Body Scrub
  • Mist of Dreams, Body Scrub

Mist of Dreams

Mist - 50 ml / 1,6 fl. oz.

This mist will enchant your nights with a delicate fragrance creating a cocoon of wellness.

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      How to use
Lightly spray the mist on your pillow a few minutes before going to bed.
      Ingredients & benefits
Vine Flowers
The flowers contain flavonoids and phenolic acids which have a protective, detoxifying, soothing and anti-aging effect. They help limit the effects of UV and external aggression, helping the skin protection. 

Ficus carica (fig tree)
Contains an emollient that enhances the skin suppleness and softens the skin. This skin care ingredient has moistening power which maintains the water content of the product.

Mixture of organic provencal herbs (Rosemary, Thyme, Cypress)
Rich in phenolic compounds (anti-aging, anti-oxidants) and essential oils (stimulants, tonics), the aging process is reduced.  The skin tonicity is preserved and the structure of the skin is improved. The tannins and saponosides diffuse propreties which are: astringent, regulating, anti-inflammatory, vasculo-protective, veino-tonic, and decongestant, offering a healing and purifying action.

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