• Night Elixir, Night Cream
  • Night Elixir, Night Cream

Night Elixir

Night Cream - 50 ml / 1,6 fl. oz.

The active ingredients in this night cream correct the signs of aging by delivering a comprehensive anti-aging action for skin visibly more tonic every morning.

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      How to use
Apply every evening on clean dry skin.
      Ingredients & benefits
Vitis Vinifera 
Water-soluble in the red vine can be found in the oil extracts of the vine shoots and in the grape skin.  It helps to slow the aging process of the skin by protecting and regenerating the cellular structures. This ingredient helps to soothe, strengthen, purify and revitalizes the skin for a glowing complexion.

Mixture of organic provencal herbs (Rosemary, Thyme, Cypress)
Rich in phenolic compounds (anti-aging, anti-oxidants) and essential oils (stimulants, tonics), the aging process is reduced.  The skin tonicity is preserved and the structure of the skin is improved. The tannins and saponosides diffuse propreties which are: astringent, regulating, anti-inflammatory, vasculo-protective, veino-tonic, and decongestant, offering a healing and purifying action.

Vine Flowers
The flowers contain flavonoids and phenolic acids which have a protective, detoxifying, soothing and anti-aging effect. They help limit the effects of UV and external aggression, helping the skin protection. 

Linden Tree shoots
Rich in phyto-hormones, sugars, and proteins, retaining water in the upper skin epidermis by forming moisturizing complexes.

Matrixlyl 3000
Helps the smoothing of wrinkles and improves the tonicity and elasticity of the skin.

Consisting of hyaluronic acids it influences many cellular processes: activation of macrophages and granulocytes, protection, profiling, differentiation and cell migration. Naturally found in deep skin layers, it fills the space between the collagen fibers. CristalHyal is one of the most effective moisturizers, providing optimal hydration by forming a non-occlusive protective film for a soft, velvety skin.

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