• Shower Lotion, Facial Scrub
  • Shower Lotion, Facial Scrub

Shower Lotion

Foaming Cream - 200 ml / 6,7 fl. oz.

Formulated with wine flower extrats, this foaming cream leaves the skin soft and silky.

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      How to use
Place the product in your hand, add water, lather and then apply to the rest of your body.

Caution : In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediatly.
      Ingredients & benefits
Vine Flowers
The flowers contain flavonoids and phenolic acids which have a protective, detoxifying, soothing and anti-aging effect. They help limit the effects of UV and external aggression, helping the skin protection. 

Olive tree buds
Contribute to premature anti-aging and improve the micro-circulation of the skin.  This veino-tonic ingredient is considered to be a powerful anti-aging agent.

Organic honey from Provence
Thanks to the sugar content, this hydrating and moisturizing agent helps maintan the maintenance of water within the epidermis thus promoting suppleness and softness. Hydrogen peroxide joined with flavonoids provides virtues which are anti-oxidant, purifying, astringent and cleansing to detoxify the skin. With these minerals, oligo-elements, vitamins and amino acids, the honey regenerates and soothes the facial skin.

Mixture of organic provencal herbs (Rosemary, Thyme, Cypress)
Rich in phenolic compounds (anti-aging, anti-oxidants) and essential oils (stimulants, tonics), the aging process is reduced.  The skin tonicity is preserved and the structure of the skin is improved. The tannins and saponosides diffuse propreties which are: astringent, regulating, anti-inflammatory, vasculo-protective, veino-tonic, and decongestant, offering a healing and purifying action.

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